Rates exclude materials. No VAT is charged.

First Hour Charge

£85 for the first hour

(For day rate projects I happily waive the higher first hour rate.)

Standard Hourly Rate

£45 per hour for every hour thereafter

Standard rate after the first hour
(charged per hour).


From £175

This covers a minimum of 25% depending on previous EIC/EICR paperwork provided by customer.

Sub-Contracting Day Rate

£ upon request

For electrical business owners. CIS registration essential. 8 hours, may include travel time.

Travel charged from DM Electrical ‘workbase’ to ‘site’ and wholesalers etc as required at 45p per mile and hourly travel rate of £22 per hour, to and from ‘site’ or removed from ‘on site’ hours and at 45p per mile as above. ALL materials provided IN FULL by hirer or charged by DM Electrical at a ‘convenient’ rate chosen by DM Electrical (no receipts for goods provided unless expressly agreed beforehand – there is no cover for itemised admin at competitive Subbing Day Rates.)

Travel Time

DM Electrical reserves the right to charge for travel times exceeding 20 minutes each way. This will be charged at my standard hourly rate of £45 per hour (or part thereof). Please note that travel to collect materials for your job will also be charged for at the standard hourly rate.

All first bookings in writing please.
WhatsApp, email or text are all fine, this is both for clarity and to ensure both parties are protected by a written confirmation of work.

I carry some standard parts with me on my van. Other parts will require a trip to the wholesaler, for example a replacement socket or switch that needs to match your existing sockets or switches.

When the materials list is a little more substantial, a number of downlights, materials for a re-wire, or a series of items which are ordered in specially for example, the following applies:


DM Electrical may source and purchase materials in entirety...

…for the customer (this will be quoted as a unique cost and may be invoiced separately, with payment due upon receipt of invoice, due before work is completed or in some cases before work is commenced).


DM Electrical may assist the customer with purchase of materials...

… (if this takes place over the phone or separately to being on site, a standard hourly rate will be applied for any actions pertaining to assistance given.


Customer may source and purchase their own materials...

…and must have ready at commencement of the work. In this instance the customer is responsible for returning and resupplying any faulty materials.



I am always happy to give a free estimate for any job. For well-defined jobs I can give a firm quote if you request it. Please see note about detailed itemisation**.

** Detailed Itemisation

Detailed itemised quotations are also available on request for large jobs only (such as re-wires, new builds, extensions.) These are contract level descriptions of work to be carried out, not rough lists/prices. There will be a charge for any detailed itemised quotations which will automatically become credit and removed from the job total should the work go ahead with DM Electrical. I should add that most of my customers are happy to receive my best estimate and trust me to get on with the work and bill accordingly for my time and materials after completion of the job, however I’ll happily price whichever way you prefer.

Emergencies and Out of Hours

Regular working hours  |  08:00 – 17:00  Monday to Friday

Emergency Callout within Regular Working Hours

This would mean leaving a job I am already on. This must be agreed in writing first, and £150 deposit paid pre-arrival on site (location dependent). £100 per hour or part thereafter. I take leaving another customer’s job very seriously and this will only be at the express permission of the customer I am working for before attending your emergency.

Out of Hours Service

I do not offer ‘out of hours’ service but if requested I may in some circumstances agree to work during these times at a customised rate of pay. Rates of pay above are for regular working hours. Please email for out of hours service requests wherever possible.